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Crystal Beads&Chips&Pendants Bundle Sale

Crystal Beads&Chips&Pendants Bundle Sale

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Please kindly note before you buy:

1.Please fill the correctly contact information,VERY IMPORTANT!!!! No solution or refund provided for the Wrong/imcomplete address or contact information.

2.Please leave a note as the fixed format for your item requires:Item number(code) x Scoops quantity Example:B3 X 6 Scoops. the same notes format gonna help to read and verify for save the waiting time,if the notes unclear,we will put it an on hold the order or may cancel it.

3.If there is any changes for your note,please contact with customer service in advance,after the order be done,may difficult to change it

4.All the orders will be process on the Live,may sometimes there have a long waiting time,if you can not wait we will take care of your order and do it directly.

5.Due to almost the material they are natural and some of them they are soft,so may there are few pieces have natural imperfect or flaw or size in slightly different,please do not mind,we will try the best for the quality control.

Thank you so much for the kindly understanding and cooperation,let work together for the wonderful crystal purchase journey.




Stone material will be update often.Please refer the current Livestream.

All orders will be operate in front of the camera on Live,when is your turn,host will call your name,please stay to finish your order.

 If there is any question or needs,please feel free to contact our customer service or email us or ask help from our Live team member or host.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Johanna Benitez

My order arrived beautifully packed and the items were even more beautiful!

Crystal Hurtado
Beautiful Product

I am extremely pleased with my order. The beads are even more beautiful in natural light. Thanks so much for the fast shipping.

Roxie Scales
Very disappointed

The beads are entirely TOO SMALL expected 8mm and they're ALL6MM if I could give it all back I would.

Leslee Donnelly
Crystal Beads

Received so quickly and I am making beautiful bracelets!

Cari Higgins
Would give a 0 if I could

Customer service is horrible and refuse to make their mistake right. They switched out beads to a smaller size and when asked to correct they try to intimidate and speak very nasty to their customers. They only care about the money in their pocket, not providing a quality product to the customers who spend their hard earned money with them. I even sent pictures proving that the beads they sent were wrong and they continued to tell me they did nothing wrong and now wants pictures of each and every bead. Even though I sent pictures with all the beads still in their bags, unopened, and the packaging. They “looked” up my order history and at first couldn’t even “find” my order. But conveniently found it when I sent pictures with their packaging and invoice. This situation is very upsetting and shameful on their part. Intimidating and bullying customers is ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves.